2021 – 2026 Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award grant “ALIVE: Improving Adolescent Mental health by reducing the Impact of Poverty”, Co-I and Co-lead Work Package 3, £4.02 million, KCL, PI Crick Lund

2021 – 2023 British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for “Trump’s trade war, Structural change and Gender inequality in Vietnam”, Co-I, £10,000, KCL, PI Pierre-Louis Vezina

2021 – 2022 KCL Faculty Research Fund (competitive) for “Assessing the Impact of a Psychological Empowerment Programme to Self-Help Groups in India”, PI, £13,000

2020 – 2023 ESRC-FCDO grant for “Disadvantage and Participation in Accountability Processes in India schools”, Co-I, £573,000, PI: Sayantan Ghosal (Glasgow)


2020 – 2021 International Growth Centre (IGC) Grant forNetworks, Livelihoods and Well-being in a Pandemic: A Panel Study Using Matched Husband-Wife-Friends Data in India”, Co-I, £19,990, PI Farzana Afridi (ISI Delhi)

2018 – 2019 KCL Research Fund (competitive) for “Disentangling Channels of Information Dissemination in Healthcare Delivery in Rural India”, PI, £10,000

2016 – 2018 British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for “Gender Norms, Sexual Violence and Education in India”, PI, £9,800

2011 – 2012 International Growth Centre (IGC) Grant for “Improving Access to and Measuring Impact of Public Health Insurance in India”; Co-I, £36,000, PI Erlend Berg (Bristol)